DIY Nursery: Change up that change table

Every nursery needs a change table, give yours a bit of personality with this simple style-up.


* Your change table with knobs or handles

* A screwdriver to match the types of screws used on the original knobs/handles and the new knobs/handles (usually a standard size phillips head screwdriver)

* Shiny new knobs or handles!



1. Choose your change table.  We chose a simple white change table from Baby Kingdom in Alexandria (the Grotime Kimberley for those who are interested!).  I like that it allowed us to remove the change table part once we have finished with it to become an ordinary chest of drawers.  For the mums & dads – it also has some safety features to prevent it toppling over onto curious little ones, but that’s a whole other post!

I nursery - change table in shop

2. Chose your new knobs or handles.  We purchased shiny crystal knobs from That Vintage Shop in Marrickville.  The knobs are priced around $7-11 each.

3. Unscrew original knobs from the inside of the draw.




4. Screw in the new knobs again from the inside.




5. Admire your customised changed table!

I nursery - change table

xx catherine and grace

The details:

* White change table – Grotime Kimberley, from Baby Kingdom in Alexandria

* Crystal knobs – That Vintage Shop

* All other nursery items – see Nursery styling part #2

Nursery styling part # 2 – just add colour…

Once all the large furniture items are in place in a room (see related post on nursery furniture) it is easier to see what soft furnishings and decor might be needed to personalise a space and make it feel truly lived in.  One way to keep things coherent is to choose a colour scheme for a room and stick to it, providing interest through lighting, texture and styling.  I chose bright pink and grey as the colour scheme for my daughter’s nursery and I added a turquoise blue as an accent colour to prevent it being too overwhelmingly pink!  And here it is…


A wardrobe for a mini fashionista!

I styled the open shelves of the built ins with white and silver photo frames with pictures of our family and close friends, together with little shoes in preparation for little feet and books from my husband’s childhood and my childhood held up with a grey elephant book end.  The mini ballet shoes were a gift from a very close friend on the occasion of my baby shower.






Sneaky tip – the dome above is actually a replica of an antique butter dish – with such little shoes you can use unusual items to display them!


Photos for blog137







* Grey storage cube – purchased from Papaya

* White photo frames – RIBBA frames from Ikea

* Elephant book end – Zuny Bookend purchased at Liberty in London, similar Zuny bookends available from Top3 by Design

* Little pink shoes – Ralph Lauren purchased at Ralph Lauren in Oxford, similar styles available from David Jones

* Silver plated rattle – purchased from Mamas & Papas in London (not currently available), similar styles available at Peters of Kensington

* Shoes & socks – various, similar styles available from David Jones, Baby Village and Cotton On Kids


Somewhere to dream…

We added a calming elephant mobile to the drape rod of the cot and while I’ve styled up the cot itself with cushions, toys and quilts, once little one arrives these will all be banished in accordance with the current SIDS & Kids Safe Sleeping recommendations!  The mobile has been a hit – it is interesting enough to catch her attention and keep her entertained for a while, however is not so bright and colourful as to overstimulate her during the early months.










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* Cot – Stokke Mini, available from Baby Village

* Pink cushion – similar styles available from Spotlight

* Turquoise floral cushion – Royal Albert Polka Blue / Rose Buds, available from Royal Albert online

* Grey plush bunny – Jellycats, available from Baby Village

* Plush sheep – purchased from Papaya (similar styles available)

* Circus print quilt – a catherine and grace DIY

* Elephant mobile – Flensted mobile, similar styles available from Top3 by Design

* Gloss white floating shelf – purchased from Bunnings

* Black photo frames – RIBBA frames from Ikea

* Books – various including Like I give a Frock, Kate Spade’s Manners and A Front Row Seat.  Kate Spade books are available at Papier D’Amour.  I also recommend The Book Depository for well priced books with free delivery.


Midnight snacks & nighttime stories…

I wanted a comfortable chair on which I could feed Isabella; one that was wide enough to eventually allow both of us to sit next to each other while we read bedtime stories.  Another important consideration was the height of the back support.  This particular chair had a high enough back that I can lay my weary head down on it to rest during midnight visits to Little Miss.




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* Armchair – purchased from Oz Design Furniture

* White & pink throw – Ikea throw, customised by catherine and grace

* Turquoise cushions – Ikea

* Pink cushion – purchased from Spotlight

* Lamp – Bunnings lamp, customised by catherine and grace (see DIY Home: let there be light)

* Side table – old pine bedside table painted with Wattyls’ White Delight & Snowdonia with clear gloss finish, customised by catherine and grace 

* Soft cubes – a catherine and grace DIY

* Pink stripe mat – a catherine and grace DIY from fabric sourced from No Chintz


Change time

We added some floating shelves next to the change table to provide some additional space to display our little one’s things and to give her something to look at, to entertain her during nappy changes.


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* Change table & change mat – Grotime Kimberly, from Baby Kingdom customised by catherine and grace (tutorial post coming soon)

* Grey cushions (on change mat and chair) – a catherine and grace DIY from fabric & crystal buttons sourced from Tessuti Fabrics

* Lamp – Bunnings lamp, customised by catherine and grace (see related post)

* Must Be Love print – found in a little homewares store in Orange, NSW displayed in a RIBBA Ikea frame

* Pink & grey paper pom-pom decorations – from Papier D’Amour

* White gloss floating shelves from Bunnings

* Plush bunnies – Jellycats, available from Baby Village

* Turquoise dino wooden push toy – Dwell Studio, available from Urban Baby

* Turquoise clock – purchased at Spotlight

* Tutu onesie – Bonds long sleeve one piece, customised by catherine and grace (tutorial post coming soon)

* Chair – replica Philippe Starck Louis Ghost armchair, available from Matt Blatt


Little extras for a special little girl…


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* Pink love sign – pre-loved store signage, picked up from the Papier D’Amour warehouse sale

* Dress form – purchased from That Vintage Shop, similar styles available at Shop for Shops, wearing Liberty print dress and vintage lace bib, made by my very clever sister in law!

* Candles – Real Safe Candles in ivory unscented, from Real Safe Candles

* Mirror tile – purchased from Ikea (discontinued), similar styles available from Kmart.

* Shoe racks – Ikea VARIERA shelf insert, designed for plates & glasses

* Doll – Kate Finn doll

* White wooden coat hangers – 11″-14″ kids wooden hangers in white, from My Coathangers


And now our little girl’s room is ready for her arrival!

xx catherine and grace

DIY Home: let there be light

Quality light fixtures can be expensive and the cheaper versions often lack…a certain something.  Here I show you how to easily convert a simple lamp shade into something a little more special.


* A lamp shade ready for a makeover

* Ribbon or fabric

* Glue gun

* Scissors to cute ribbon or fabric to size


1. Clean your lamp shade.  Remove dust and, if necessary, wipe down with a damp cloth and wait for it to dry completely before commencing project.


2. Glue down ribbon from one end.  I decided to glue the ribbon right at the bottom of the lamp shade which meant it was quick and easy to ensure I was moving around in a straight line, however obviously where you place your ribbon, fabric or any other stick-on is entirely up to you.


3. Glue and wrap.  Place small dots of glue using the glue gun where you wish the ribbon to be placed and wrap the ribbon around the shade pressing firmly onto the dots of glue.  If you have a proper glue gun with strong glue you should not need to glue over the entire ribbon (a lamp shade is not an item that gets touched and played with a lot!)


4. Fold & glue the end.  When your ribbon reaches back around to where you first glued it in place, fold back the end of the ribbon and glue it down to the shade, so that the start and end of the ribbon slightly overlap.  You can face this join away from the centre of the room when you display your lamp, although it really is not that noticeable.


5. Repeat (if desired).  If you would like a stripe of colour on the top of the shade as well repeat the steps above.



6. Admire your customised lamp shade!

xx catherine and grace

The details:

* Original lamp – Bunnings

* Pink ribbon – No Chintz

* Glue gun & glue – purchased from Spotlight, also available from almost all craft stores


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