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The Kikki K Celebrate Today shoot has wrapped and is now up on the Kikki K Inspiration Blog.

In case you missed my post the other day, @catherineandgracestylefile {which is where you can find us on Instagram} was one of five winners of the Kikki K {@kikkik_loves} Instagram party styling competition!  I submitted a number of ideas, all of which you can see on my Instagram feed {and, as promised, I will post a full blog post here soon}, however my winning idea came from Little Miss’ christening party, where I stamped her name on bamboo cutlery, placed the cutlery into little bamboo pots filled with pieces of pink fruit.  Here is my winning Instagram pic:


Along with the other winning ideas from @juzsavage@supajulo@paperrunway (who worked with @stylelifehome) and @lulu_lucky, my idea has now been brought to life by the Kikki K team with their new Celebrate Today collection. Here is how it appears on the Kikki K blog:

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 6.53.20 PM

I have to admit, it was quite thrilling to see my idea brought to life by Kikki K, so please pop on over to their blog, check out the other ideas and leave a comment or two.



Such excitement here at catherine & grace…

I’m thrilled to announce that @catherineandgracestylefile {which is where you can find us on Instagram} was one of five winners of the Kikki K {@kikkik_loves} Instagram party styling competition!  My styling ideas will now be featured, and credited, as part of the marketing campaign for Kikki K’s new Celebrate Today collection.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram {@catherineandgracestylefile} to see the styled campaign shoots as soon as they come out.  While you are there, check out the other winners for more styling tips! {@juzsavage, @supajulo, @paperrunway and @lulu_lucky}

Here are some of the photos used as part of the competition…check back here soon for a full post on the winning ideas!

Image 1

Image 2 Image 3    Image 4 Image 5           Image 9






All styling by catherine & grace

Photography credits: At Dusk Photography, Carmen Lee at Encapture Photography and catherine & grace.

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