DIY Nursery: Change up that change table

Every nursery needs a change table, give yours a bit of personality with this simple style-up.


* Your change table with knobs or handles

* A screwdriver to match the types of screws used on the original knobs/handles and the new knobs/handles (usually a standard size phillips head screwdriver)

* Shiny new knobs or handles!



1. Choose your change table.  We chose a simple white change table from Baby Kingdom in Alexandria (the Grotime Kimberley for those who are interested!).  I like that it allowed us to remove the change table part once we have finished with it to become an ordinary chest of drawers.  For the mums & dads – it also has some safety features to prevent it toppling over onto curious little ones, but that’s a whole other post!

I nursery - change table in shop

2. Chose your new knobs or handles.  We purchased shiny crystal knobs from That Vintage Shop in Marrickville.  The knobs are priced around $7-11 each.

3. Unscrew original knobs from the inside of the draw.




4. Screw in the new knobs again from the inside.




5. Admire your customised changed table!

I nursery - change table

xx catherine and grace

The details:

* White change table – Grotime Kimberley, from Baby Kingdom in Alexandria

* Crystal knobs – That Vintage Shop

* All other nursery items – see Nursery styling part #2

DIY Home: let there be light

Quality light fixtures can be expensive and the cheaper versions often lack…a certain something.  Here I show you how to easily convert a simple lamp shade into something a little more special.


* A lamp shade ready for a makeover

* Ribbon or fabric

* Glue gun

* Scissors to cute ribbon or fabric to size


1. Clean your lamp shade.  Remove dust and, if necessary, wipe down with a damp cloth and wait for it to dry completely before commencing project.


2. Glue down ribbon from one end.  I decided to glue the ribbon right at the bottom of the lamp shade which meant it was quick and easy to ensure I was moving around in a straight line, however obviously where you place your ribbon, fabric or any other stick-on is entirely up to you.


3. Glue and wrap.  Place small dots of glue using the glue gun where you wish the ribbon to be placed and wrap the ribbon around the shade pressing firmly onto the dots of glue.  If you have a proper glue gun with strong glue you should not need to glue over the entire ribbon (a lamp shade is not an item that gets touched and played with a lot!)


4. Fold & glue the end.  When your ribbon reaches back around to where you first glued it in place, fold back the end of the ribbon and glue it down to the shade, so that the start and end of the ribbon slightly overlap.  You can face this join away from the centre of the room when you display your lamp, although it really is not that noticeable.


5. Repeat (if desired).  If you would like a stripe of colour on the top of the shade as well repeat the steps above.



6. Admire your customised lamp shade!

xx catherine and grace

The details:

* Original lamp – Bunnings

* Pink ribbon – No Chintz

* Glue gun & glue – purchased from Spotlight, also available from almost all craft stores


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