All I want for Christmas 2015

I’d be thrilled to find any one of these delights under the tree this Christmas, preferably with a big hand drawn card by Little Miss… what is on your Christmas wish list?Wish list #01 FLORALS - Christmas 2015

A yearly subscription to Think Flowers Company | Ivy Muse Nest stand in copper & peach

Wish list #02 BOOKS - Christmas 2015

love x life x style by Garance Door | A Bone of Fact by David Walsh
X: The Sartorialist Volume 3

Wish list #03 SUN - Christmas 2015

Nerida Winter Rosie hat | Kate & Kate Tango linen throw

Wish list #04 DECORATE - Christmas 2015

The Minimalist 2016 calendarZakkia ghost concrete vase | A3 Moebe oak frame

Wish list #05 DRESS - Christmas 2015Sagitine The City SetMara & Mine jem skull slippers

Anna Quan monogrammed shirt

Wish list #06 OUTDOORS - Christmas 2015

Le Paar luxe hoseWillow range by The Balcony Garden

Peony image by CATHERINEGRACE; all other images from corresponding brand.

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