The Little Blush Book {property selling edition}

tips on selling property - CATHERINEGRACE

I recently wrote about our experiences selling our house which included some tips and tricks that I learnt during the selling and moving process. As promised, here is the list of people and companies we used to help us keep sane during the move.#26 - front facade with sign - leaving Lawson Street - styling and photography by CATHERINEGRACE

Real estate agent
We used Daniel Cachia from Phillips Pantzer Donnelley and couldn’t have been happier. Daniel sold our house quickly – not that speed was a priority for us – at a very good price and, most importantly for me, he kept us calm and in the know during the whole process. At one time, about 2 weeks into the marketing campaign David and I spent 48 hours going backwards and forwards between wanting to sell and wanting to stay, a very common occurrence, apparently. At no time did we feel pressured to continue with the sale process {even though this would obviously completely eliminate Daniel’s ability to earn the commission he had already worked very hard for}. In the end we decided to sell; Daniel reminded us to think simply about why we made the decision to sell in the first place and after sleeping on it David and I both knew we were selling for the right reasons for us. 48 hours later we had exchanged contracts.

The Phillips Pantzer Donnelley team choose Josh Hill Photography to photograph our house for the marketing campaign. Josh was lovely to work with; he was more than happy to work with Daniel and my suggestions, as we had ideas that may work from a real estate and styling perspective. However, he also knew what works and what doesn’t when it comes to viewing photographs of property. He worked quickly and… my favourite part – he didn’t come with one of those horrible lenses that make the rooms look distorted!Leaving Lawson Street - tips on selling property | Image styled by CATHERINEGRACE | Photography by Josh Hill Photography for Phillips Pantzer Donnelley |

Window cleaner
We used a great young guy called Charlie and his team. I don’t think he would want me to give his personal mobile number out over the internet so shoot me an email if you would like his details. I still can not believe the difference an external window clean made. This is definitely something I would love to be able to do more often at the new house.

David Freeman from Hermosa Finishes was fantastic. He fit into our very tight schedule, the team worked really hard and the finish was extremely professional. I would definitely use David and the team from Hermosa Finishes when we need to paint our new place.

It is very bad form for lawyers to advertise so I won’t embarrass ours by including their details here, however if you do need an excellent property lawyer in the Sydney area please feel free to be in touch.

Professional packing service
We used The Finishing Touch. The ladies were so lovely to work with and extremely hard-working: they even kept on packing well after their scheduled finishing time as the job was bigger than expected. Aside from a huge time saver {and therefore major stress reducer for me}, the professional packers know how to pack efficiently {which means fewer boxes} and meticulously {which means less breakage at the other end}.

This is actually the second time we have used The Finishing Touch. About 4 years ago when we moved into Lawson Street we used The Finishing Touch to help pack up our apartment and then also help us unpack the essential items when we moved into Lawson Street {again I was without David who was working in Newcastle, and I was a few weeks pregnant and already very sick!}

During both moves the ladies were fantastic and we will certainly be using them again when we move into our new house.

Movers and storage
Two Men and a Truck were absolutely fantastic and provided the full suite of services. They supplied & delivered the packing material, organised the services of The Finishing Touch, attended on the day of the move to remove all our furniture & boxes and are currently providing storage for our items.

They came to our rescue when we needed to have some of our furniture moved out of the house and stored less than 5 working days after my initial call to their customer service team {we mainly dealt with Kurt, who really went above and beyond}. Half way through pack-up day we suddenly realised we needed more boxes. One quick phone call to Kurt and he had more boxes on the way; they arrived within 30 minutes.

Their moving and packing skills were beyond expectation. The head removeralist was in charge of packing the storage container and his precise Tetris-like skills enabled all our furniture and boxes to pack into a single storage container. He worked really hard and could have easily taken the painless route and spent less time on arranging the furniture and boxes, meaning we would have had to use two storage containers. This would have doubled our storage costs. We are extremely appreciative of the Two Men and a Truck team.

One little tip if dealing with Two Men and a Truck and The Finishing Touch. Next time I would arrange the packing materials, moving and storage with Two Men and a Truck and I would arrange the services of The Finishing Touch team separately, rather than through Two Men and a Truck. Both companies are very easy to deal with so an additional call to The Finishing Touch is an easy extra step. The only small misstep during the whole process was a miscommunication between Two Men and a Truck and The Finishing Touch. This issue can be easily fixed by simply contacting the companies separately and taking a little more control over the schedule between the two companies.

And last, but by no means least, we utilised the services of The Corporate Kid to help look after Little Miss during the long packing days and the move day so that she was safe, out-of-the-way and enjoying herself – while daddy was at work and mummy was having a very boring day of packing and moving! As usual, The Corporate Kid not only provided excellent child-minding services, they fit seamlessly into our schedule, even on short notice. Highly recommended – by both Little Miss and me!tips on selling property - CATHERINEGRACE

Phew! And now with settlement tomorrow on our new house a whole new renovation adventure begins…

xx Catherine JPEG


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