Book review: The Underwriting by Michelle Miller

The Underwriting | Image by CATHERINEGRACE |

Corporate deals are a strange beast – they are entirely all-consuming, taking up all of your time and then suddenly, almost without notice, they are over. The Underwriting, the debut novel by former JP Morgan employee, Michelle Miller, about the initial public offering of a Tinder-like dating app, is similar. Set between Wall Street and Silicon Valley the novel plays out through the voices of the various players in the deal – the bankers, tech guys and a young student choosing where to begin her career. I binge-read it and then suddenly I’d finished and I wanted more!

I have lived this world; the endless work, sleepless nights and the work-hard, play-hard attitude, so I found lots of very familiar characters. For those that haven’t been deep-in a corporate deal its a fun sneak peek into the sometimes salacious, sometimes scandalous and always faced paced world.

If you are heading north for the Winter, this is a great beach read – light & easy to read, a little bit of sex, a little bit of romance, a bit of mystery {which I would have loved to have been fleshed out a bit more} and a whole lot of wheeling & dealing!

I was married by the time Tinder came about, however if it came down to it, I’d swipe right for The Underwriting. Enjoy!

xx Catherine JPEG

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