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My uniform | Image by CATHERINEGRACE |

During my corporate years I almost never wore a full suit. I owned them of course, however I would wear the suit jacket with a dress, or suit pants with a silk blouse. It just wasn’t in my nature to wear a full pant or skirt suit. While I always dressed appropriately for my office environment, I did like to have a bit of fun with the outfits I put together.

Despite this, and a wardrobe full of beautiful pieces, once I become a mother and a creative, almost nothing I used to wear worked with my new life. To begin with, in my old life I wore high heels almost everyday – perfect when you sit at a computer for 10 hours a day and merely nip into the elevator for the meeting room three floors up or across the street to a lunch meeting. Much less successful when you are running around looking after a little one or climbing tables, lying on the floor or balancing on chairs to obtain that perfect photograph – not to forget moving furniture, art and other bits and pieces until the perfect image has been captured!

So, it was time for a new uniform; an outfit I reach to again and again. It allows me to look decent while attending to day care drop off and pick up, popping down to the flower markets, a run for coffee and it still works well for caring for Little Miss, styling and website work at home and an impromptu client or PR meeting. And having that go-to outfit makes the morning rush that much easier. I don’t think, I just get dressed!#03 - My uniform - styling and photography by CATHERINEGRACE copyright 2014So what is my uniform now? Black pants, white shirt, statement flats and perhaps a little jewellery to change-up the look {in these images I am wearing a beaded neckpiece from Timaginarium. Oh, and I always wear a black lace bra – a little nod to “me” amidst the working  and mothering of the day.

Here I’m wearing Willow leather leggings, a white cotton Hendaye Tluxe shirt with Rupert Sanderson flats from Quincy boutique. People often ask why I would wear a white shirt with a toddler? For me, provided it is 100% linen or cotton, it is the easiest colour to keep clean – an overnight soak in Napisan, toss it in the washing machine in the morning, dry in the sun and it is as good as new!

I switch up the shirts, some cotton, some linen {usually with a scrunched up sleeve – better sun protection and sill cool enough for all but the warmest of Sydney days} and when it is getting a little too warm I’ll pop on a striped Bassike tee. I love wearing leather leggings  – they clean off so easily with a baby wipe! However I also have a great pair of Scanlan Theodore black jeans and some leather shorts from Uniform Studios that I can mix and match depending on the weather.#06 - My uniform - styling and photography by CATHERINEGRACE copyright 2014#04 - My uniform - styling and photography by CATHERINEGRACE copyright 2014#07 - My uniform - styling and photography by CATHERINEGRACE copyright 2014An easy chic solution for my day-to-day dressing.

xx Catherine JPEG




Styling & photography by Catherine Wilson {me!} for CATHERINEGRACE, taken at my parents-in-law’s property in the Southern Highlands.

Disclosure note: The Hendaye shirt was gifted from Tluxe, however I was under no obligation to use it on any social media or website article. All other items were purchased by me. If you are interested check out my full disclosure policy.

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