CR8: Laura Blythman / Laura Blythman Studio

Melbourne based artist Laura Blythman, of Laura Blythman Studio, is one of those people who just spreads happiness! Her bright and colourful artworks are universally popular with the design and artist set, and her corporate illustrating work – designing for brands as varied as Finders Keepers Markets, Lark Store, Click On Furniture and Typo – is constantly in demand. Laura’s  limited edition prints and artworks can be found on her Big Cartel site, along with gorgeous greeting cards and a divine little Once a Year Book – the perfect gift for a new parent {it invites you to attach one photo each year until the child is 18 years old}. Here at CATHERINEGRACE HQ we love our Throw Glitter in Today’s Face print – and visitors seem to love it too as I get a comment on it almost every time someone new comes over.Laura Blythman print - styling and photography CATHERINEGRACE copyright 2014#10 - Toddler bed - childrens interior design - styling and photography by catherine and grace - copyright 2014

Laura is not only talented, she is incredibly generous with her time, collaborating with multiple creatives recently. You can read about her oh-so-adorable bedding set designed with children’s interior designer, Petite Vintage. Laura, together with artist and designer, Pete Cromer, has recently created a range of artworks under the Enemies Yaybrand – just that little bit darker and a little more quirky than Laura’s main line of artworks, they are sure to find favour with current Blythman and Cromer fans, as well as those wanting something a little bit left of field. And if you want to wear Laura’s whimsical designs pop over to The Club of Odd Volumes to pick up pieces for cute kids and loveable grownups.

In addition, I had the pleasure of providing my style & shoot by CATHERINEGRACE service for Laura’s collaboration with Dunne with Style’s Create project – a quarterly subscription box for creative inspiration curated by leading Australian creatives – with a box of goodies curated by Laura being the first {and sold out!} box in the series.#13 - web - CREATE by Dunne with Style #11 - web - CREATE by Dunne with Style #09 - web - CREATE by Dunne with Style #03 - web - CREATE by Dunne with Style

So… let’s get to the Q&A.CR8 - Laura BlythmanHeadshot Laura Blythman ©LAURABLYTHMANThanks Laura for being part of CR8.

xx Catherine JPEG




Image of Laura provided by Laura Blythman and used with permission. All other images styled and photographed by Catherine Wilson {me!}

All those featured as part of my CR8 series have done so voluntarily with no payments made. They are all genuinely people I would recommend for their services.

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