CR8: Catherine McGill / Vivien’s Model Management

Having experienced a little taste of Paris Fashion Week I can tell you that there were models EVERYWHERE! Well… at least I think they were models – its hard to tell in Paris with so many gorgeous women wandering around. In any event, I thought it was an opportune time to share my next CR8 Q&A which is with Catherine McGill, General Manager of Vivien’s Model Management. Not only is Cath a former intellectual property lawyer, we also shared the same name for about a decade. This is because, about that time ago, although it feels like yesterday, Cath married my eldest cousin at what was then, and remains to this day, one of the best weddings I have every attended – I may have been quite young, however, believe me, this was one amazing party.

In a corporate to creative move, after an extremely accomplished career as a lawyer, Cath now heads up Vivien’s Management which includes Vivien’s Model Management and Vivien’s Creative, as well as keeping my lovely cousin and their family inline!CR8 - Catherine McGillWebsite headshot - Catherine McGill

{Image provided by Catherine and used with permission}

All those featured as part of my CR8 series have done so voluntarily with no payments made. They are all genuinely people I would recommend for their services.

xx Catherine JPEG

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