CR8: Leah Taylor / The Minimalist

Oh The Minimalist, one of my great loves! How does such a small space fit so many amazing products? Clever curating! Leah Taylor, former interior designer and now owner of The Minimalist with her husband Darius, has her edit down. I literally walk in and could purchase every, single piece. Leah has created a gorgeous little store at the base of her home in Surry Hills, as well as an online shopping mecca that ships worldwide, for those that can’t make it in-store. I have many pieces picked up from The Minimalist, and they always seem to be the pieces visitors comment on and mention how well they fit into our space. Timeless yet modern, angular yet with a soft beauty. Leah brings us pieces you will love forever. So, lets find out where Leah would live if she wasn’t a Sydney-sider! Thanks Leah for joining in CR8.CR8 - Leah TaylorHeadshot - Leah Taylor{Image provided by Leah and used with permission}

All those featured as part of my CR8 series have done so voluntarily with no payments made. They are all genuinely people I would recommend for their services.

xx Catherine JPEG


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