The Corporate Kid: nanny placement service

The Corporate Kid is one of Australia’s newest nanny placement agencies and having recently utilised its services I wanted to share how wonderful it has been for our family. First up, this is not a sponsored post, we did not receive the services gratis; we paid the full fee and it was worth every cent.

The Corporate Kid is the brainchild of Anna Massie. Anna not only has 15 years of nannying experience, she was a significant part of the care team for her special needs younger sibling while growing up. Anna is university educated and as well as nannying has also worked in the corporate world. What makes Anna special is her genuine desire to find the right nanny for your family, both in terms of parenting style as well as the custom needs of the family. Anna’s services, through The Corporate Kid, certainly saved us during a difficult time. Our previous nanny, who is lovely, had been very unwell and we were not sure when she would be able to return. I was going through a busy patch with catherine & grace and was fairly unwell myself. Consequently, I just didn’t have time to source, interview and shortlist appropriate nannies. Luckily, we stumbled across The Corporate Kid through Instagram!#03 - The Corporate Kid - styling and photography by catherine and grace - copyright 2014After an initial discussion about our family’s needs, parenting style and what we would like out of a nanny, The Corporate Kid sourced a number of candidates. Each candidate submitted a video explaining their nannying style and those that Anna deemed suitable for our family and available at the times we need assistance were forwarded to us. Genius! My husband and I sat in the comfort of our lounge room at 10pm and listened to three highly qualified, very enthusiastic potential nannies talking about why they love being a nanny and how they could help our family. After we viewed the videos we decided to interview Lauren, although all were exceptional candidates, we just thought that Lauren would be the best fit for our family and our nanny needs.

We asked Lauren to do a paid trial half day and then a paid trial full day and she knocked it out of the park! While I stayed close by for the trial days I did want to give Lauren time with Little Miss alone. At one stage I came downstairs to find Little Miss eating {very rare!}, ALL washing in the laundry done, dry laundry folded and the kitchen cleaned up. Seriously above and beyond. Little Miss has a wonderful time and, as I work from home, Lauren is very sensitive to when she needs to take Little Miss out for a bit to let me get some work done or, on quieter days we can all enjoy some time together. It really has been a perfect match. In addition, Anna is around to help when needed and has offered substantial phone and email support during the on-boarding of our new nanny. After the initial placement fee there are no ongoing fees payable to The Corporate Kid and we simply pay our nanny as agreed between us. Anna will also work to source a nanny within your budget.#04 - The Corporate Kid - styling and photography by catherine and grace - copyright 2014I would highly recommend The Corporate Kid to any family wanting to source an exceptional nanny in a short period of time with very little effort required on the family’s behalf. However, where The Corporate Kid really sets itself apart is its work with companies. Noticing the difficulty of enticing mothers back to work in the corporate world, Anna works with companies to offer her services through the company’s Employee Benefits Program – for example the company may pay the placement fee as part of the employee’s employment package when returning from maternity leave. Brilliant! Anna also keeps across all government changes in funding and benefits for working families using nannies which again takes this burden off the family to remain up to date on these changes.#02 - The Corporate Kid - styling and photography by catherine and grace - copyright 2014And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better Anna sent us a beautiful My Wholesome Kitchen hamper to thank us for using her services. Professional, caring and in tune with the needs of working parents – what more could you ask for!

xx Catherine JPEG

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