Business & financial insights for the style set

With the new financial year well and truly upon us and a refresh in the catherine & grace brand I decided it was time to inject something a little bit different into the blog, something unexpected perhaps and hopefully something that you will find valuable.

As many of you know I was a corporate intellectual property lawyer in a previous life, aside from amassing an assortment of black pumps {each pair being completely different to the others, of course!} it also means I have some lovely friends who are now well versed in their chosen field in the business, legal or financial world. #10 - business and financial insights for the style set - styling and photography by catherine and grace - copyright 2014I believe now is the right time to utilise my own legal knowledge, my connections and the information I have gained from my former colleagues and combine that with the questions and concerns I now have as a small business owner in the creative world. I imagine many of the issues I face, also concern other creatives, so I am excited to launch my new series business & financial insights for the style set – a regular segment that speaks directly to those in the styling, fashion, interiors, kids & lifestyle industry about financial, legal and business issues that affect those industries.Logo landscape - business and financial insights for the style setThe series will include insights into securing the best lease agreement for your boutique, what questions to ask the bank {or, as you will soon discover, your mortgage broker} when applying for a small business loan to fuel your emerging label. We will have interviews with people who have done it all before, providing insights into how they managed to make their passion profitable and we will look at the types of insurance you should obtain, now that you are freelancing and your work and home life have become one.#11 - business and financial insights for the style set - styling and photography by catherine and grace - copyright 2014Oh, and I promise never to tell you to skip your morning coffee, your afternoon coffee or any coffee at all!  If there is an issue or topic you would like this series to address, please let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

xx Catherine JPEG





A couple of important notes

1. These posts do not, and should not, take the place of appropriate and individual financial, legal or other advice that directly takes into account your particular circumstances. To provide financial advice in Australia, and most other countries, you need a financial services licence. I do not have that licence and I am not a registered financial advisor. These posts are designed to highlight issues that may affect you and encourage you to delve deeper and seek out the correct advice in relation to the issues that will affect your life or business.

2. For each post I have connected with friends and ex-colleagues who are experts in a particular field to provide the most up to date and, obviously, correct, information. As with all my posts, I will always tell you if any of these partners have paid or sponsored me to write the post. Please see my disclosure policy for more details, however in a nutshell – I will always tell you! At present my website is hosted on, which does not allow advertising or advertorial content, so until I move platforms {I am currently working on this} I cannot receive remuneration for these posts.


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