Toss-able tableware you won’t want to toss

Single-use eco-tableware with style and substance

{the review} Ecotableware image 9

Standard bamboo tableware has been my go-to for events requiring single-use plates, bowls & cutlery.  I’ve stamped it with names {for a christening and an engagement party}, used it for serving canapés and served everything from brunch to a late night snack on it at various functions.  And they haven’t failed me yet!  So why would I now look for something new?  Here’s why…

Earlier this year I attended the Sydney arm of Life Instyle, a boutique trade event focusing on emerging trends and stylish products and services, held in Melbourne & Sydney.  After hours at the event and as I was rushing out, I spotted a sea of gorgeous, what looked like ceramic, tableware.  I had to stop and, on closer inspection, discovered it was actually a biodegradable product intended for single-use.  Now I was really intrigued!

Each piece is simple in its design, yet delivers style to your table in the most understated of ways.  The slight wave in the design provides a point of difference and the crisp white colour will always appeal, co-ordinating with pretty much every tablescape you can imagine.  However, it was the subtle texture of the material that first drew me to the product.  Regular readers, and those who follow on Instagram, will know my obsession with texture and the way it can make one material seem like another.  I love delicate ceramics made to look like paper {see Hayden Youlley’s beautiful paper series for an inspiring example} and now we have biodegradable material made to look like ceramic.  LOVE!

The manufacturer says that it is water & oil resistant, sturdy and durable.  They claim their products do not become pliable or sweat when hot liquids are added.  It is made from tree-free materials including  sugar cane waste, bamboo & reeds and is both biodegradable and compostable.

Over a series of styled photo shoots I will test out many of these claims and report back to you, as well as showing you just how beautiful the products can look.

This review has not been paid for in any way – I purchased the sample pack on my own volition and conducted the review and styled shoot.

{the styled shoot}

For this first Easter inspired shoot I concentrated on the square & round plate series and some of the bowls.  The products feel solid and sturdy and are really quite beautiful – which is not something I normally associate with single-use items! I did not test the vessels with liquids, nor the plates with hot foods, during this shoot.  As promised I will conduct further styled shoots & reviews to look into those claimed properties!Ecotableware image 2Ecotableware image 3 Ecotableware image 4 Ecotableware image 5 Ecotableware image 6 Ecotableware image 7 Ecotableware image 8 Ecotableware image 9

{the details}

+ Styling & photography by catherine & grace

+ Floral wall & bouquet by catherine & grace

+ Please contact me if you would like any more information on these products or would like to enquire as to how to purchase them.

As always, all feedback welcome!  Have you used these products before? What did you think of them?

xx Catherine JPEG

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