All I want for Christmas {other than you, DW}

A catherine & grace Christmas wish list

What is on my Christmas wish list?  Firstly, a change in my husband’s work schedule {DW is working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!}, however, given I don’t have much sway with the neuro scheduling department, I would be more than thrilled to find any of these delights under the tree this year…

{the wish list}

CGW wish list collage 2

CGW Wish list collage 1

CGW wish list collage 3 CGW wish list collage 4

{the details}

From top, left to right

+ Collette Dinnigan’s new coffee table book, Obsessive Creative looks oh so delightful.  Available from Potts Point BookshopCollette Dinnigan boutiques and David Jones{RRP $100}

+  These gorgeous Women’s Hobe Sparklers in silver {size 38 in case anyone from my family is reading this ;-)} will be perfect to add a little sparkle to a white on white Summer wardrobe.  Hobes is an Australian company and regular readers and Instagram followers will know I #lovecreativeAustralians. {RRP $179}

+  Another fabulous Australian doing great things in the world of accessories is Jacki Anderson and a George clutch in black or beige would certainly go down a treat.  Jacki Anderson products are available from Quincy{RRP black $325; beige $297}

+ I’m a sucker for simplicity and Me and Amber have managed to capture my heart with their beautiful greeting cards.  These three designs, and the little stork for friends who are expecting, are my particular favourites.  Me and Amber products are stocked at The Design Hunter and Koskela{RRP $7}

The Kinfolk Table, a mouthwatering collection of recipes and tales from the Kinfolk team.  Available from The Book Depository, Kinfolk & most good bookstores. {approx $55}

+ Oh how I am lusting after these Nobody Denim Beau jeans in barely available from Nobody Denim and Roots and Wings Design{approx $239}

+ Anything by the very talented Lisa Madigan, especially this gorgeous oil painting from The Design Hunter{featured painting is $2200}

+ I’m desperate to try a Tunisian towel, and I think a bright pink stripped one is just right for a trip to the beach.  I have been informed by Table Tonic that the ones they offer are incredible and very “thirsty”. {approx $65 for a 200cm x 100cm sized towel}

+ Flowers, flowers, flowers – hydrangea & peonies are my absolute favourite. {from $10 at the EQ Markets}

+ I must admit, I have a bit of an obsession with Uashmama washable paper bags.  My pick? The silver & white metallic paper bags – the large and x-large versions would be perfect for storage in the living room. {large $44; x-large $79}

What’s on your wish list?

All photographs {other than the two photos of flowers, which are mine} are from the website linked to each product.

Prices are approximate and in Australian dollars.

xx Catherine JPEG

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