Wardrobe wizard…Dad’s shirts and jackets.

Something I am very passionate about is keeping your clothes and accessories in the best possible way to give them a long life.  I am not into fast fashion, which means all purchases (investments!) must be stored with care.  This way they will last and last…


So, on my continuing mission to ensure everyone treats their clothes with the respect they deserve I snuck into my Dad’s wardrobe this afternoon for a quick tidy up and coat hanger exchange.  One of the quickest, cheapest and most effective ways of storing clothes with care is to choose good quality wooden coat hangers for your items.  I loathe, loathe, loathe wire coat hangers (I doubt there is anything worse for a beautiful silk shirt than death by wire coat hanger).  Good quality plastic hangers can be used in emergency situations, however to truly get the best out of your clothes the correct wooden hangers are a must.  And, they can be found relatively cheaply at Kmart, Target and even the larger supermarket chains.


This important style lesson sailed right over my father’s head, so…I just got stuck in and did it myself!  I changed all of the wire and plastic hangers holding his shirts for lovely wooden shirt hangers in a masculine dark stain (available here) and used hangers with a slightly thicker shoulder part for his jackets (similar styles available here).  The thicker shoulder section works well to keep the jacket’s shoulder in shape.  Dad may not even notice, but I am sure his clothes will!  What do you think?



xx catherine and grace


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