A double “A” engagement party

Bondi Social was the venue for the engagement party for my very good friends, a gorgeous couple from Bondi.  As busy professionals they had no time to organize styling, wine tasting or menu choosing so asked me to step in only a week and a bit out from the party!  Ever up for the challenge…here is how we did it.
I was originally inspired by a stunning Scanlan & Theodore navy dress that the groom-to-be had given his (now) fiancee years earlier.  I thought a navy and silver theme would complement this elegant couple.  However, when I arrived at Bondi Social to scope the venue and chat to the event manager, I realized that navy and silver was not going to work at this venue. The venue has a warm, red, orange and chocolate-brown theme, which would be lovely and warm on what was forecast to be a cold July evening.
We decided to maintain the colour scheme and use As as the defining theme, given both the bride and groom-to-be have names starting with A!  At the entry a truly stunning and original floral arrangement greeted guests and indicated a table to place gifts. As the guests moved through the entry hall a collection of As, lit by candles, guided the party goers into the main section of the party which was decorated with multiple red, orange and brown hanging paper decorations from Papier D’Amour.  We sourced a large number of LED battery operated tea lights and frosted votives.  All lit up they looked truly spectacular and, not only did they last the whole night without running out, they were safe and meant there was no risk of the girls’ dresses catching alight!
For a personal touch we created coasters with As stamped on one side in the colour theme and trivia about the guests of honour on the back!  We also created a photo collage shaped in the form of the letter A.  Guests loved finding themselves in amongst the photos of the guests of honour and challenging each other with the trivia.
I put together a custom playlist for the mingling and a separate one for when it was time to start dancing…and once the dancing started up it did not finish until the early hours of the morning!  The party was a great success, thanks mainly to the couple’s friends and family all being there to celebrate such an exciting moment in their lives.  Just goes to show that a few personal touches can make an ordinary party something to remember…even on just one weeks notice!
xx catherine and grace
The details:
* Paper decorations – Papier D’Amour
* Tea lights – Wedding Bling
* Letter “A”s and “a”s – purchased from Papier D’Amour and Typo
* Photo collage “A” – created by catherine and grace
* Trivia coasters – created by catherine and grace

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