Tips for your baby shower…name those guests!

Name tags are a great idea for baby showers or any other event where guests may not know each other.  It also prevents awkward missteps when people have met only a few times.  However, there is the age-old dilemma of how to attach those name tags without creating a pin hole on your favourite day dress – something I loathe!
We used a strip of Hollywood Tape, essentially a fabric friendly double-sided sticky tape, and attached one side of the tape to the back of the tag (step one).  Each guest peeled off the protective strip from the back of their name tag which was covering the other sticky side of the tape (step two), to reveal the sticky tape which then meant the name tag could be placed directly on the guests clothes (step three).  As Hollywood Tape is designed to go on clothes without ruining them it will be safe for all but the most delicate of fabrics.  Hollywood Tape is available at their online store and many other retailers, including Myer.
Step one:
Step two:
Step three:
If using Hollywood Tape to affix guests’ name tags, I recommend:
  • keeping a small decorative pail or vase to act as a bin to collect the peeled off protective backing from the sticky strip; and
  • having spare strips of Hollywood Tape on hand incase name tags fall off.
xx catherine and grace
The details:
* Double sided tape – Hollywood Tape , available at their online store and many other retailers, including Myer.


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