Style tips for your baby shower…cute prizes that do double duty

I personally do not believe games are a must for baby showers, however I know a lot of people love them, and a lot of mums-to-be request some form of a game at their event.  Games can also help to relax the mood where you have a number of people who do not know each other.  Here at catherine and grace we think a quick game is a good game as they retain the interest of everyone (even those corporate types, of which I was one in a previous life(!), who have never been to a baby shower before).
Make it a little more exciting with little prizes for the winners (or losers) of each game.  It is inevitable that you will have people at your shower with young children and people with grown-up children or no children at all.  Catering to everyone can be difficult, however it is important to make everyone feel equally part of the fun.  For prizes for baby shower games, we like to use items predominately used by parents, and attach a little tag explaining how they are actually super useful for those single in the city as well (or anything in between).
Baby shower prizes
The prizes used for a recent baby shower we styled were:
Baby powder
For baby: an essential during nappy changes.
For babes: a great substitute when your dry shampoo runs out just as you are leaving for a hot date!
Baby oil
For baby: keeps your little one’s skin silky smooth.
For babes: You too can have silky smooth skin (perhaps with a massage as well)…why let the babies have all the fun
Little people’s socks
For baby: to keep those little toes warm
For babes: a brilliant iPhone or iPod protector
Let me know any other baby items for which there is a great “grown-up” person use!
xx catherine and grace


One Comment on “Style tips for your baby shower…cute prizes that do double duty

  1. Other events include Keeper for the Day, and the Wildlife Photography class.
    If you want to perform a kickflip, you need to place your fingers in the starting areas that you would go to
    if you were riding a real life skateboard. Traditional puzzle games include Solitaire and Scrabble, and include many variations of similar word puzzles.

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